Lil' Wayne — Pussy Monster (Текст песни)

I got a taste for you 

Now whatcha wanna do 

Girl you cold 

Let me suck out yo flu 

Girl you cold 

Girl you cool 

You heard of salt-n-pepa, 

but girl you food 

Girl you hot like a bowl of hot stew 

and I just stood ova my stew & just Stooped 

and when there is no more you in the soup 

I remove the spoon and drink your juice 

You wanna do me to what yo wanna do 

but if my job is to blow you can bet she blew 

Mic check one two 

hows about one two 

P-L-A-Y cuz’ I dont have a clue 

but when I find out 

I will show and tell you 

when I lift my top lip 

I can still smell you 

when I swallow my spit 

I can still taste you 

Put that pussy in my face 

everytime i face you 

P-U-S-S-Y because itz the reason I am alive 

and momma I need it to stay alive 

itz like i got to eat just to survive 

Hi I’m the pussy monster, the pussy monster, the pussy monster, the monster 

and you better feed me pussy, pussy pussy, pussy pussy, pussy, pussy pussy 

Now let me get back to her 

She call me dracula 

and I Vacum her 

cat fish cat fish that cat tuna i smack it up flip it like a spatula 

Lil pussy runnin and I tackle ya bay can I be tha worm in ya apple butt now gone pack it uo and if you back it up I’ll suck tha front of that pussy from the back of ya! 

Now Ima Throw It On Her Like A Black Acura 

I been in dis game, I’ll make da girl a act-e-russ (Actress) 

I told her act-shun(Action), .. Da camaras is lookin, and I hope she make me eat ma word cuz’ my words is…

Pussy, pussy, pussy pussy, pussy pussy, pussy 

Yeah, I’m da pussy monsta, da pussy monsta, da pussy monsta, da pussy monsta and 

U Betta Feed Me, Pussy, Pussy Pussy, Pussy Pussy, Pussy 

I Got Pussy Comin To Me Pussy Comin To Me Pussy 

Show Me Dat Pussy And Ima Sho U Where To Put It 

U No I Make It Rain, Im Da Hurricane Son 

And U Noe I Culd Make It Rain Wat Ma Hurricane Tang 

Like Lala, La, Lala, La, Lala, La, Lala, La, Lala, Lala, Lalala, La, 

Imagine If I Did Dat Wit Ur Pearl On Ma Tongue, Ha 

I Make Dat Pussy Talk To Me, I Culd Make It Jump Ova Her And Walk To Me 

Now Walk It Out Gurl, Now Walk It Out Gurl


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