Lil' Wayne — With You (Текст песни)

[Lil Wayne — Verse 1] 

Shawty badder than a 3 year old 

keep playing and imma eat her like a pita roll 

I’m just sayin with my love I could feed her soul 

two day getaway and we don’t need our clothes 

we at the pool and she lookin like a center fold 

two tattoos but she say she gettin plenty mo 

She got Indian in her family, Seminole 

me and Shawty go together like chemicals 

and she get mad when I call other woman hoes 

you send a rose, I pick some flowers and send her those 

tall glass of Merlot get her in the mode 

two tall glasses of Merlot get her out her robe 

I whisper in her ear, than lick around her lobe 

and when she check her watch, it’s never time to go 

and with her brain she should make the honor roll 

And when I came, she caught me like the common cold.


God damn you the shit 

and I’ll rip my heart out and hand you the shit 

And I don’t really know how to handle this shit 

but tonight its moonlight and candles and shit

[Drake — Hook] 

With you baby 

with you baby 

with you baby 

with you baby 

with youuuu and only you 

[Lil Wayne — Verse 2] 

Uh I say damn I must be left cause you the best I ever seen right 

Shawty put me on, you got me gone like some green lights 

See you with your girls, they probably telling that he ain’t right 

Bet they be the same bitches at the wedding throwing rice 

Lets get together over night 

Shawty I’m a pro and you are lookin like the prototype 

But see that I took your advice, 

sometimes you got to blow it twice then shake it up and roll the dice 

I’m crusin on the road of life but I need a passenger 

Appetite for lovin, ma I’m hungry like a scavenger 

I-I be on that lavender 

I-I be in the bath with her 

Then I gotta go under that water like a mariner


[Drake — Hook]

[Lil Wayne — Verse 3] 

Now she don’t know about me 

But Imma put her on it 

And she ain’t show up out me 

But cant go without me 

We probably ain’t supposed to be together 

but I wonder if our love affair her could last forever 

And Shawty I’m with ya 

Smoke a lot of weed but I could never forget ya 

Then I told her to her face, 

If everyone was like you the World would be a better place


[Drake — Hook] 


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